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Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo), 1874-1965 - Author
Ford, Robert - Author
Ladd, Adoniram Judson - Author
Holt, L. Emmett - Author
Sawyer-Harvey, Ruth - Author
Richardson, Frederick, 1862-1937 - Illustrator
Spyri, Johanna, 1827-1901 - Author
Hopkins, Emma Stelter - Translator
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910 - Author
Wiener, Leo - Editor
North Carolina - Author
Bakunin, Mikhail, 1814-1876 - Author
Bakunin, Mikhail Aleksandrovich - Author
Hearnshaw, F. J. C. (Fossey John Cobb), 1869-1946 - Author
Herzl, Theodor, 1860-1904 - Author
Bein, Alex, 1903-1988 - Commentator
Lipsky, Louis, 1876-1963 - Commentator
Stevenson, Burton Egbert, 1872-1962 - Author
Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953 - Author
Shaffer, Geneve L. A. - Author
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 - Editor
Dryden, John, 1631-1700 - Author
Spencer, Herbert, 1820-1903 - Author
Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909 - Author
Morgan, W.J. - Illustrator
Pangborn, Edgar, 1909-1976 - Author
Cleveland, Grover, 1837-1908 - Author
Arthur, Chester Alan, 1830-1886 - Author
Jones, Hugh, 1669-1760 - Author
Polk, James K. (James Knox), 1795-1849 - Author
Jackson, Andrew, 1767-1845 - Author
Various - Author
Chesterton, G. K. (Gilbert Keith), 1874-1936 - Author
Various - Author
Various - Author
Various - Author
Various - Author
Various - Author
Various - Author
Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946- - Author
Clinton, William Jefferson, 1946- - Author
Bush, George, 1924- - Author
Reagan, Ronald, 1911-2004 - Author
Carter, Jimmy, 1924- - Author
Ford, Gerald R., 1913- - Author
Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous), 1913-1994 - Author
Johnson, Lyndon B. (Lyndon Baines), 1908-1973 - Author
Kennedy, John F. (John Fitzgerald), 1917-1963 - Author
Eisenhower, Dwight D. (Dwight David), 1890-1969 - Author
Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972 - Author
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, 1882-1945 - Author
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964 - Author
Coolidge, Calvin, 1872-1933 - Author
Harding, Warren G. (Warren Gamaliel), 1865-1923 - Author
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924 - Author
Taft, William H., 1857-1930 - Author
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 - Author
McKinley, William, 1843-1901 - Author
Harrison, Benjamin, 1833-1901 - Author
Hayes, Rutherford Birchard, 1822-1893 - Author
Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885 - Author
Johnson, Andrew, 1808-1875 - Author
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 - Author
Buchanan, James, 1791-1868 - Author
Pierce, Franklin, 1804-1869 - Author
Fillmore, Millard, 1800-1874 - Author
Taylor, Zachary, 1784-1850 - Author
Tyler, John, 1790-1862 - Author
Van Buren, Martin, 1782-1862 - Author
Monroe, James, 1758-1831 - Author
Madison, James, 1751-1836 - Author
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826 - Author
Adams, John, 1735-1826 - Author
Washington, George, 1732-1799 - Author
Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith, 1856-1923 - Author
Alford, Henry, 1810-1871 - Author
Thwaites, Reuben Gold, 1853-1913 - Author
Bechdolt, Frederick R. (Frederick Ritchie), 1874-1950 - Author
Wu, Cheng'en, 1500-1582 - Author
Nicholl, M. A. - Author
Henry, O., 1862-1910 - Author
Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael), 1825-1894 - Author
Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880 - Author
Dodge, Grenville Mellen, 1831-1916 - Author
Read, Opie Percival, 1852-1939 - Author
Canada. Dept. of the interior - Author
Various - Author
Poston, Charles D. (Charles Debrille), 1825-1902 - Author
Association, Florida State Live Stock - Author
Allies, T. W. (Thomas William), 1813-1903 - Author
Various - Author
Stephen, Sir Harry Lushington - Editor
Sue, Eugène, 1804-1857 - Author
Longfellow, Marian, 1849-1924 - Translator
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Stead, Robert J. C., 1880-1959 - Author
Warren, G. B. - Author
Henry, O., 1862-1910 - Author
Loewenstein, Joseph E. - Annotator
Thorne-Thomsen, Gudrun - Author
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