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Robert, Henry M., 1837-1923 - Author
Henry, O., 1862-1910 - Author
Underwood, Agnes S. - Author
Neikirk, Lewis Irving - Author
Glyn, Elinor, 1864-1943 - Author
Emshwiller, Ed, 1925-1990 - Illustrator
Sohl, Gerald Allan, 1913-2002 - Author
Hearn, George Whitehead, 1812-1851 - Author
Shoghi Effendi, 1897-1957 - Author
Ford, Henry Jones, 1851-1925 - Author
Burnside, William - Author
Eaton, Theodore H. (Theodore Hildreth), 1907-1981 - Author
Stewart, Peggy Lou - Author
Various - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Translator
Lavoisier, Antoine, 1743-1794 - Author
Chapman, Allen - Author
Cicero, Marcus Tullius, 106 BC-43 BC - Author
Shuckburgh, Evelyn S. - Translator
Morgan, William, 1774- - Author
Talmage, J. V. N. (John Van Nest), 1819-1892 - Author
Costelloe, Laurence - Author
Richardson, John Purver, 1833- - Author
Crane, William E. - Author
Carnahan, James R. (James Richards), 1840-1905 - Author
Cook, Ezra Asher, 1841-1911 - Author
Spear, Ellis, 1834-1917 - Author
Schoffen, Elizabeth - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
Kerr, Robert, 1755-1813 - Author
English, George Bethune, 1787-1828 - Author
Benton, Caroline French - Author
Scherzer, Karl Ritter von - Author
Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859 - Commentator
Scherzer, Karl Ritter von - Author
Scherzer, Karl Ritter von - Author
Corréard, Alexandre, 1788-1857 - Author
Savigny, Jean Baptiste Henri, 1793-1843 - Author
Cook, James, 1728-1779 - Author
Wells, Samuel R. (Samuel Roberts), 1820-1875 - Author
M., W. - Author
Unknown - Author
Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878 - Illustrator
Richardson, James, 1806-1851 - Author
Muir, Ward, 1878-1927 - Author
Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893 - Author
Richardson, James, 1806-1851 - Author
Cody, H. A. (Hiram Alfred), 1872-1948 - Author
McKinley, William, 1843-1901 - Author
Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932 - Author
Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932 - Author
Smith, Francis Hopkinson, 1838-1915 - Author
Ruskin, John, 1819-1900 - Author
Spearman, Frank H. (Frank Hamilton), 1859-1937 - Author
Hambidge, Jay, 1867-1924 - Illustrator
Hardy, G. H. (Godfrey Harold), 1877-1947 - Author
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