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Dillaway, Charles K. - Author
Bigelow, Jacob, 1786-1879 - Author
Ritter, Thomas Jefferson, 1855- - Author
Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884 - Author
Kronheim, Joseph Martin, 1810-1896 - Author
Faraday, L. Winifred, 1872- - Author
Faraday, L. Winifred, 1872- - Author
Gerard, John, 1840-1912 - Author
Garis, Howard Roger, 1873-1962 - Author
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904 - Author
Garnett, Constance, 1861-1946 - Translator
Hemyng, Bracebridge, 1841-1901 - Author
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900 - Author
Levy, Oscar, 1867-1946 - Editor
Kennedy, J. M. (John McFarland) - Translator
Butler, Arthur John, 1844-1910 - Author
Rhys, Ernest, 1859-1946 - Editor
Butler, Samuel, 1774-1839 - Author
Scoville, Samuel - Author
Franklin, Miles, 1879-1954 - Author
Rose, Mary Swartz, 1874-1941 - Author
Cranmer-Byng, L. (Launcelot), 1872-1945 - Author
Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884 - Author
S. L. M. - Author
Booth, Bramwell, Mrs., 1861-1957 - Author of introduction, etc.
Bradley, Gertrude M. - Illustrator
Cope, Henry Frederick, 1870-1923 - Author
Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884 - Author
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Author
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883 - Author
Dannreuther, Edward, 1844-1905 - Translator
Whittaker & Co. - Author
Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884 - Author
Brame, Charlotte M., 1836-1884 - Author
Stokes, John H. (John Hinchman), 1885-1961 - Author
Crane, Walter, 1845-1915 - Author
Various - Author
Wilson, Epiphanius, 1845-1916 - Editor
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-1867 - Author
Various - Author
Baron, M. - Illustrator
Bechtel, John Hendricks, 1841- - Author
Bulfinch, Thomas, 1796-1867 - Author
Bryant, Jacob, 1715-1804 - Author
Bryant, Jacob, 1715-1804 - Author
Rydberg, Viktor, 1828-1895 - Author
Anderson, Rasmus Björn, 1846-1936 - Translator
Cummings, Mabel H. - Author
Foster, Mary H. - Author
De Gubernatis, Angelo, 1840-1913 - Author
De Gubernatis, Angelo, 1840-1913 - Author
Keary, E. - Author
Keary, Annie - Author
Keightley, Thomas, 1789-1872 - Author
Mitchell, Logan - Author
Brinton, Daniel Garrison, 1837-1899 - Author
Fiske, John, 1842-1901 - Author
Sikes, Wirt - Author
Thomas, T. H. - Illustrator
White, Catherine Ann - Author
Westervelt, W. D. (William Drake) - Author
Hartland, Edwin Sidney, 1848-1927 - Author
Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902 - Author
Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880 - Author
Brand, Max, 1892-1944 - Author
Daudet, Alphonse, 1840-1897 - Author
Sherwood, Mary Neal - Translator
Fanny, Aunt, 1822-1894 - Author
Burgess, Thornton W. (Thornton Waldo), 1874-1965 - Author
Marryat, Frederick, 1792-1848 - Author
Braakensiek, Joh. (Johan Coenraad), 1858-1940 - Illustrator
Dragt, A. J. van - Translator
Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888 - Author
Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael), 1825-1894 - Author
Marryat, Frederick, 1792-1848 - Author
Wallace, Edgar, 1875-1932 - Author
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913 - Author
Marryat, Frederick, 1792-1848 - Author
Capes, Bernard Edward Joseph, 1854-1918 - Author
Henty, G. A. (George Alfred), 1832-1902 - Author
Alger, Horatio, 1832-1899 - Author
Hazlitt, William Carew, 1834-1913 - Editor
Dodsley, Robert, 1703-1764 - Compiler
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Editor
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 - Author
Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851 - Author
Alcott, Louisa May, 1832-1888 - Author
London, Jack, 1876-1916 - Author
London, Jack, 1876-1916 - Author
Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith, 1856-1923 - Author
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Cottrell, Charles - Author
Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880 - Author
Harral, Horace - Illustrator
Paine, Albert Bigelow, 1861-1937 - Author
Condé, J. M. - Illustrator
Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911 - Author
Johnson, Merle De Vore, 1874-1935 - Compiler
Woodworth, Francis C. (Francis Channing), 1812-1859 - Author
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