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Bigelow, Jacob, 1786-1879 - Author
Various - Author
Wilson, Epiphanius, 1845-1916 - Editor
Ritter, Thomas Jefferson, 1855- - Author
Barker, John Marshall, 1849-1928 - Author
McClatchie, Sam, 1915- - Author
Adkins, Dan - Illustrator
Gerard, John, 1840-1912 - Author
Garis, Howard Roger, 1873-1962 - Author
Smith, Goldwin, 1823-1910 - Author
Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904 - Author
Garnett, Constance, 1861-1946 - Translator
Todhunter, I. (Isaac), 1820-1884 - Author
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1844-1900 - Author
Levy, Oscar, 1867-1946 - Editor
Kennedy, J. M. (John McFarland) - Translator
Myers, Philip Van Ness - Author
Loomis, Justin R. - Author
Butler, Arthur John, 1844-1910 - Author
Rhys, Ernest, 1859-1946 - Editor
Butler, Samuel, 1774-1839 - Author
Young, Charles A. - Author
Cranmer-Byng, L. (Launcelot), 1872-1945 - Author
Dillaway, Charles K. - Author
Lord, John, 1810-1894 - Author
Guilmin, Adrien - Author
Wagner, Richard, 1813-1883 - Author
Dannreuther, Edward, 1844-1905 - Translator
Whittaker & Co. - Author
Crane, Walter, 1845-1915 - Author
Various - Author
Laselle, Mary A. - Editor
Ballou, Maturin Murray, 1820-1895 - Author
Fiske, John, 1842-1901 - Author
Redway, Jacques W. (Jacques Wardlaw), 1849-1942 - Author
Paine, Thomas, 1737-1809 - Author
Wade, Mary Hazelton Blanchard, 1860-1936 - Author
Dickinson, G. Lowes (Goldsworthy Lowes), 1862-1932 - Author
Murray, David, 1830-1905 - Author
Cobbold, George A. (George Augustus), 1857- - Author
Redesdale, Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford, Baron, 1837-1916 - Author
Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904 - Author
Tagore, Sir Rabindranath - Author
Field, Henry M. (Henry Martyn), 1822-1907 - Author
Anderson, Isabel - Author
Kaufman, Herbert, 1878-1947 - Author
Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy), 1831-1904 - Author
Goudsmit, Boudewijn Casper, 1849-1915 - Translator
Davis, F. Hadland (Frederick Hadland) - Author
Paul, Evelyn - Illustrator
London, Jack, 1876-1916 - Author
Sims, Barbara R. (Barbara Rutledge), 1918-2002 - Editor
Nitobe, Inazo, 1862-1933 - Author
Finnemore, John, 1863- - Author
Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904 - Author
Japan - Author
Dewey, John, 1859-1952 - Author
Dewey, Alice Chipman - Author
Dewey, Evelyn - Editor
Menpes, Mortimer Luddington, 1855-1938 - Illustrator
Menpes, Dorothy - Author
Gulick, Sidney Lewis, 1860-1945 - Author
Hara, Katsuro - Author
Ozaki, Yei Theodora - Author
Okakura, Shusui - Illustrator
Iyenaga, T. (Toyokichi), 1862-1936 - Author
Sato, Kenoske - Author
Stokes, Katherine - Author
Hood, George Washington, 1869-1949 - Illustrator
Gray, Arthur, 1859- - Compiler
Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904 - Author
Hearn, Lafcadio, 1850-1904 - Author
Lowell, Percival, 1855-1916 - Author
Japan - Author
Wingfield, Lewis - Author
Griffis, William Elliot, 1843-1928 - Author
Iyenaga, Toyokichi - Author
Humbert, Aimé, 1818-1900 - Author
Suematsu, Kencho, 1855-1920 - Author
Griffis, William Elliot, 1843-1928 - Author
Ozawa - Illustrator
Penfield, Frederic Courtland, 1855-1922 - Author
Pound, Ezra, 1885-1972 - Author
Nukariya, Kaiten - Author
Dewey, John, 1859-1952 - Author
Kann, Reginald - Author
Little, Frances, [pseud.], 1863-1941 - Author
King, F. H. (Franklin Hiram), 1848-1911 - Author
Various - Author
Various - Author
Poe, Clarence Hamilton, 1881-1964 - Author
Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885 - Author
Vay, Péter, 1864-1948 - Author
Conger, Emily Bronson - Author
Scott, J.W. Robertson - Author
Barrow, Sarah L. - Author
Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920 - Author
Duncan, Norman, 1871-1916 - Author
Fritz, H. E. - Illustrator
Crane, Walter, 1845-1915 - Illustrator
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