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Brinton, Daniel Garrison, 1837-1899 - Author
Butler, Samuel, 1835-1902 - Author
Withington, William - Author
Moore, Edward Caldwell, 1857-1943 - Author
Farrar, Adam Storey, 1826-1905 - Author
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946 - Author
Ayres, Leonard Porter, 1879-1946 - Author
Ayres, May - Author
McGaw, Virginia - Author
Ashmore, Otis - Author
Atkinson, William Walker, 1862-1932 - Author
Various - Author
Hurlbut, Jesse Lyman, 1843-1930 - Editor
Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748 - Author
Haynes, George Edmund, 1880-1960 - Author
Various - Author
Wheeler, Daniel Edwin, 1880- - Editor
Johnson, Rossiter, 1840-1931 - Editor
Wade, Herbert T. (Herbert Treadwell), 1872- - Editor
Baltzell, W. J. (Winton James), 1864-1928 - Editor
Forbush, William Byron, 1868-1927 - Editor
Howard, Francis E. - Author
Coffin, Henry Sloane, 1877-1954 - Author
Sellers, W. E. - Author
Allen, R. W. - Commentator
Bitmead, Richard - Author
Verrill, A. Hyatt (Alpheus Hyatt), 1871-1954 - Author
Warren, Henry White, 1831-1912 - Author
Newcomb, Harvey, 1803-1863 - Author
Graham, Frances W. - Author
Gardenier, Georgeanna M. - Author
Zerbe, James Slough, 1850- - Author
Irving, Washington, 1783-1859 - Author
Atkinson, William Walker, 1862-1932 - Author
Beazley, C. Raymond, 1868-1955 - Author
Ward, Thomas A. M. - Author
Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899 - Author
Anonymous - Author
Brugman, Karl - Author
Arvanitis, Lekas - Translator
Anonymous - Author
Cibber, Theophilus, 1703-1758 - Author
Klinger, Mary F. - Author
Benton, Caroline French - Author
Virtue, George - Author
Baxter, Richard - Author
Croce, Benedetto, 1866-1952 - Author
Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748 - Author
Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902 - Editor
Frye, George V. - Author
Pilling, James Constantine, 1846-1895 - Author
Bottone, Selimo Romeo - Author
Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899 - Author
Gates, William, 1863-1940 - Author
Powell, John Wesley, 1834-1902 - Author
Henry, O., 1862-1910 - Author
Murray, Gilbert, 1866-1957 - Author
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1855-1919 - Author
Besant, Annie Wood, 1847-1933 - Author
Leadbeater, C. W. (Charles Webster), 1854-1934 - Author
Ballou, Maturin Murray, 1820-1895 - Author
Ladd, Adoniram Judson - Author
Arachne - Author
Allen, James, 1864-1912 - Author
Allen, James, 1864-1912 - Author
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1855-1919 - Author
Schreiner, Olive, 1855-1920 - Author
McClung, Nellie L., 1873-1951 - Author
Stone, David - Illustrator
Gilbert, Robert E., 1924-1993 - Author
Cooper, J. Fenimore - Author
Archer, William, 1856-1924 - Editor
Jones, John P. (John Peter), 1847-1916 - Author
Conant, J. E. (Judson Eber), 1867-1955 - Author
Peattie, Elia Wilkinson, 1862-1935 - Author
Burnand, F. C. (Francis Cowley), Sir, 1836-1917 - Author
Dongen, H. R. van - Illustrator
Clifton, Mark, 1906-1963 - Author
Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich Philipp August, 1834-1919 - Contributor
Bouglé, Célestin, 1870-1940 - Contributor
Høffding, Harald, 1843-1931 - Contributor
Thomson, J. Arthur, 1861-1933 - Contributor
Bateson, William, 1861-1926 - Contributor
Morgan, C. Lloyd (Conwy Lloyd), 1852-1936 - Contributor
Schwalbe, Gustav, 1844-1916 - Contributor
Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell), 1861-1927 - Contributor
Weismann, August, 1834-1914 - Contributor
Waggett, P. N. (Philip Napier), 1862-1939 - Contributor
Ladd, Adoniram Judson - Author
Betts, George Herbert, 1868-1934 - Author
Boole, George, 1815-1864 - Author
Bury, J. B. (John Bagnell), 1861-1927 - Author
Allen, James, 1864-1912 - Author
Allen, James, 1864-1912 - Author
Wiggin, Kate Douglas Smith, 1856-1923 - Author
Robinson, Arthur William, 1856-1928 - Author
Gibbons, Floyd - Author
Mitchell, David M. - Author
Education, United States Department of - Author
Various - Author
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