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Parton, James, 1822-1891 - Author
Brugman, Karl - Author
Arvanitis, Lekas - Translator
Harrison, Charles, -1943 - Author
Various - Author
Wells, Carolyn, 1862-1942 - Editor
Franklin, Edgar, [pseud.], 1879-1958 - Author
Scarborough, Dorothy, 1878-1935 - Author
Scarborough, Dorothy, 1878-1935 - Author
Scheffel, Joseph Victor von, 1826-1886 - Author
Leland, Charles G. - Translator
Burnett, Alf - Author
Various - Author
Doré, Gustave, 1832-1883 - Author
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910 - Contributor
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849 - Contributor
Stockton, Frank Richard, 1834-1902 - Contributor
Harte, Bret, 1836-1902 - Contributor
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894 - Contributor
Hale, Edward Everett, 1822-1909 - Contributor
Curtis, George William, 1824-1892 - Contributor
Henry, O., 1862-1910 - Contributor
Chester, George Randolph, 1869-1924 - Contributor
Bunner, H. C. (Henry Cuyler), 1855-1896 - Contributor
Johnston, Richard Malcolm, 1822-1898 - Contributor
Leslie, Eliza, 1787-1858 - Contributor
Edwards, Harry Stillwell, 1855-1938 - Contributor
Lampton, William James, 1859-1917 - Contributor
Kirkland, Caroline M. (Caroline Matilda), 1801-1864 - Contributor
Cooke, Grace MacGowan, 1863-1944 - Contributor
Morris, George Pope, 1802-1864 - Contributor
Hastings, Wells, 1879-1923 - Contributor
Connell, Richard, 1893-1949 - Author
Burnham, George P. - Author
Falconbridge, 1818-1854 - Author
Anonymous - Author
Various - Author
Wagner, Leopold - Editor
French, Joseph Lewis, 1858-1936 - Editor
Isaacs, Judd - Author
Nolcini, Edmund - Illustrator
Unknown - Author
Various - Author
Adams, Frederick Upham, 1859-1921 - Author
Various - Author
Peck, George W. (George Wilbur), 1840-1916 - Author
Cruikshank, George, 1792-1878 - Illustrator
Wight, John - Author
Westmacott, C. M. (Charles Molloy), 1788-1868 - Author
Cruikshank, Robert, 1789-1856 - Illustrator
Benton, Frank - Author
Filleau, E. A. - Illustrator
Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson, 1847-1922 - Author
Beard, James Melville - Author
Jacobs, Joseph, 1854-1916 - Author
Batten, John Dickson, 1860-1932 - Illustrator
Mathews, R. H. (Robert Hamilton), 1841-1918 - Author
Giles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935 - Author
Giles, Herbert Allen, 1845-1935 - Author
Butler, Samuel, 1835-1902 - Author
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910 - Author
Morley, Henry, 1822-1894 - Editor
Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719 - Author
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Spalding, Walter Raymond - Author
Ramsay, Allan - Author
Adler, Cyrus, 1863-1940 - Author
Greenaway, Kate, 1846-1901 - Author
Latham, R. G. (Robert Gordon), 1812-1888 - Author
Latham, R. G. (Robert Gordon), 1812-1888 - Author
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910 - Author
Leland, Charles Godfrey, 1824-1903 - Author
Ivens, Walter G. - Author
Twain, Mark, 1835-1910 - Author
Müller, Max - Author
Meiklejohn, John Miller Dow, 1830-1902 - Author
Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939 - Author
Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784 - Author
Eells, Myron, 1843-1907 - Author
Dolmage, Cecil Goodrich Julius, -1908 - Author
García Gutiérrez, Antonio, 1813-1884 - Author
Vaughan, Herbert Hunter, 1884- - Annotator
Palacio Valdés, Armando, 1853-1938 - Author
Davidson, Frederick Joseph Arthur, 1870- - Editor
Hubbard, Alice P. F. - Contributor
Pérez Galdós, Benito, 1843-1920 - Author
Morley, S. Griswold (Sylvanus Griswold), 1878-1970 - Editor
Collado, Diego, -1638 - Author
Spear, Richard L. - Translator
Balch, William Stevens, 1806-1887 - Author
Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 - Author
Simson, Walter - Author
Simson, James - Editor
About, Edmond, 1828-1885 - Author
Brush, Murray Peabody, 1872- - Editor
Ward, Grady - Author
Gibbs, George, 1815-1873 - Author
Brinton, Daniel Garrison, 1837-1899 - Author
Cox, George, 1838-1909 - Author
Various - Author
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