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Hall, Jennie, 1875-1921 - Author
Lambdin, Victor Ralph, 1876-1963 - Illustrator
Osbourne, Lloyd, 1868-1947 - Author
Weyman, Stanley John, 1855-1928 - Author
Various - Author
MacGregor, Mary Esther Miller, 1876-1961 - Author
Chisholm, Louey - Editor
Malory, Thomas, Sir, 1400-1470 - Contributor
Cameron, Katharine - Illustrator
Cutler, U. Waldo - Author
Catherwood, Mary Hartwell, 1847-1902 - Author
Greville, Charles, 1794-1865 - Author
Reeve, Henry, 1813-1895 - Editor
Greville, Charles, 1794-1865 - Author
Reeve, Henry, 1813-1895 - Editor
Greville, Charles, 1794-1865 - Author
Reeve, Henry, 1813-1895 - Editor
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 - Author
Hopkins, J. Castell (John Castell), 1864-1923 - Author
Reilly, S. A. - Author
Reilly, S. A. - Author
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 - Author
Roberts, Lloyd - Author
Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880 - Author
Colton, Arthur Willis - Author
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894 - Author
Boothby, Guy, 1867-1905 - Author
Wood, Stanley Llewellyn, 1866-1928 - Illustrator
Stables, Gordon, 1840-1910 - Author
Sterne, Elaine - Author
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972 - Author
Osbourne, Lloyd, 1868-1947 - Author
Robin, E. Gallienne - Author
Kingston, William Henry Giles, 1814-1880 - Author
Pearse, Alfred - Illustrator
Stidger, William L. (William Le Roy), 1885-1949 - Author
McConnell, Francis John, 1871-1953 - Commentator
Anonymous - Author
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913 - Author
Rolt-Wheeler, Francis, 1876-1960 - Author
Federer, C. A. (Charles A.) - Illustrator
Miller, Joaquin, 1837-1913 - Author
Major, Charles, 1856-1913 - Author
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913 - Author
Macaulay, W. Hastings - Author
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913 - Author
Anonymous - Illustrator
Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909 - Author
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913 - Author
O'Brien, Frederick, 1869-1932 - Author
Housman, Laurence, 1865-1959 - Illustrator
Bain, R. Nisbet (Robert Nisbet), 1854-1909 - Translator
Lie, Jonas Lauritz Idemil, 1833-1908 - Author
Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851 - Author
O'Brien, Frederick, 1869-1932 - Author
Mencl, Rudolf - Illustrator
Roosevelt, Wyn, 1870- - Author
Vandercook, Margaret, 1876- - Author
Becke, Louis, 1855-1913 - Author
Speed, Lancelot, 1860-1931 - Illustrator
Stoddard, Charles Warren, 1843-1909 - Author
Leacock, Stephen, 1869-1944 - Author
Strang, Mrs. Herbert - Author
Tenison, N. - Illustrator
Safroni-Middleton, A. - Author
Murray, Samuel - Author
Collingwood, Harry, 1851-1922 - Author
Webb, Archibald, 1887-1944 - Illustrator
Appleton, Victor [pseud.] - Author
Forbes, George - Author
Wood, William Charles Henry, 1864-1947 - Author
Appleton, Victor [pseud.] - Author
Brock, C. E. (Charles Edmund), 1870-1938 - Illustrator
Strang, Herbert - Author
Boothby, Guy, 1867-1905 - Author
Ballantyne, R. M. (Robert Michael), 1825-1894 - Author
Stratemeyer, Edward, 1862-1930 - Author
Hazelton, I. B. - Illustrator
McClintock, Francis Leopold, 1819-1907 - Author
Smith, J. J. - Author
Edwards, Edward - Author
Hamilton, George - Author
Thomson, Basil - Commentator
Carleton, William, 1794-1869 - Author
Flanery, M. L. - Illustrator
Widger, David, 1932- - Editor
Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893 - Author
Henderson, A. E. - Translator
McMaster, Albert M. C. - Translator
Quesada, Louise Charlotte Garstin, 1864?- - Translator
Anonymous - Author
Bacon, Josephine Daskam, 1876-1961 - Author
Ferrar, William J. - Author
Carleton, William, 1794-1869 - Author
Flanery, M. L. - Illustrator
White, Stewart Edward, 1873-1946 - Author
Bryant, Sara Cone, 1873- - Author
James, Henry, 1843-1916 - Contributor
Besant, Walter, Sir, 1836-1901 - Contributor
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865 - Contributor
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