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Francis, Dick - Illustrator
Wallace, F. L. (Floyd L.), 1915-2004 - Author
Hazlitt, William Carew, 1834-1913 - Author
Glaspell, Susan, 1882-1948 - Author
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Editor
La Fontaine, Jean de, 1621-1695 - Author
La Fontaine, Jean de, 1621-1695 - Author
Wells, David Dwight - Author
Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885 - Author
Farnham, Albert B. - Author
Rockwell, F. F. (Frederick Frye), 1884-1976 - Author
Walton, O. F., Mrs., 1849-1939 - Author
Education, Federal Board for Vocational - Author
Unknown - Author
Edgeworth, Maria, 1767-1849 - Author
Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881 - Author
O'Brien, Edward J. (Edward Joseph Harrington), 1890-1941 - Editor
Cournos, John, 1881-1966 - Editor
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914? - Author
Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881 - Author
Hornung, E. W. (Ernest William), 1866-1921 - Author
Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn, 1857-1948 - Author
Keane, A. H. (Augustus Henry), 1833-1912 - Author
Quiggin, A. Hingston, 1874- - Author
Haddon, Alfred Court - Author
Jones, Hugh, 1669-1760 - Author
Samuelson, James, 1829- - Author
Unknown - Author
Trench, Richard Chenevix, 1807-1886 - Author
Palmer, Abram Smythe - Editor
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928 - Author
Hardy, Thomas, 1840-1928 - Author
Hull, Edward - Author
Davey, Richard, 1848- - Author
Norway, Arthur H. - Author
Grieffenhagen, Maurice - Illustrator
Morris, William O'Connor - Author
Hess, Alfred Fabian, 1875-1933 - Author
Ballou, Maturin Murray, 1820-1895 - Author
Cammaerts, Emile, 1878-1953 - Author
Hocking, Joseph, 1860-1937 - Author
Various - Author
O'Brien, Edward J. (Edward Joseph Harrington), 1890-1941 - Editor
Cournos, John, 1881-1966 - Editor
Bax, Ernest Belfort, 1854-1926 - Author
Hays, Helen Ashe - Author
Worcester, Dean C. - Author
Brightwell, Miss, 1811-1875 - Author
Joblin, Maurice - Unknown role
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914? - Author
Huxley, Thomas Henry, 1825-1895 - Author
Thebaud, Augustus J., 1807-1885 - Author
Morley, Henry, 1822-1894 - Editor
Burke, Edmund, 1729-1797 - Author
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914? - Author
Hall, Arthur D. - Author
Brigham, William T. - Author
Jussweand, J. J. - Author
Mann, David Dickinson - Author
Rappoport, A. S. (Angelo Solomon), 1871-1950 - Author
Gaebelein, Arno Clemens, 1861-1945 - Author
Rappoport, A. S. (Angelo Solomon), 1871-1950 - Author
Rappoport, A. S. (Angelo Solomon), 1871-1950 - Author
Abbott, John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot), 1805-1877 - Author
Skeat, Walter W. (Walter William), 1835-1912 - Author
Vera, [pseud.], 1865- - Author
Collins, Wilkie, 1824-1889 - Author
Mahan, A. T. (Alfred Thayer), 1840-1914 - Author
Whale, George - Author
Luce, A. A. (Arthur Aston), 1882-1977 - Author
Walton, William, 1843-1915 - Author
Cary, Elisabeth Luther - Author
Walton, William, 1843-1915 - Author
Taylor, Bayard, 1825-1878 - Author
Samarow, Gregor, 1829-1903 - Author
Samarow, Gregor, 1829-1903 - Author
Thorne, Guy, 1876-1923 - Author
Andrews, C. C. (Christopher Columbus), 1829-1922 - Author
Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915 - Commentator
Gibbs, Mifflin Wistar - Author
Hartley, C. Gasquoine (Catherine Gasquoine), 1867-1928 - Author
Intercollegiate Peace Association - Author
Weston, Stephen Francis, 1855-1935 - Editor
Mathews, W. S. B. (William Smythe Babcock), 1837-1912 - Author
Campbell, Helen, 1839-1918 - Author
Gay, John, 1685-1732 - Author
Litchfield, Frederick, 1850-1930 - Author
Stephens, Robert Neilson, 1867-1906 - Author
Walter, James Conway - Author
Baines, Thomas - Author
Timbs, John - Author
Fern, Fanny, 1811-1872 - Author
Hoyland, John, 1750-1831 - Author
Carlyle, Thomas, 1795-1881 - Author
Hill, B. L. (Benjamin L.) - Author
Coffin, Henry Sloane, 1877-1954 - Author
Falckenberg, Richard - Author
Russell, Michael, 1781-1848 - Author
Moore, John W. (John Wheeler), 1833-1906 - Author
Ritchie, J. Ewing (James Ewing), 1820-1898 - Author
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