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Watts-Dunton, Theodore, 1832-1914 - Author
Gatty, Alfred, 1813-1903 - Author
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892 - Author
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892 - Author
Collins, John Churton, 1848-1908 - Editor
Jekyll, Gertrude - Author
Parsons, Eugene - Author
Anonymous - Illustrator
Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909 - Author
Anonymous - Author
Parker, Cornelia Stratton, 1885- - Author
Bailey, L. H. (Liberty Hyde), 1858-1954 - Author
Hunn, C. E. - Author
Howells, William Dean, 1837-1920 - Author
Walker, Hugh, 1855-1939 - Author
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892 - Author
Schell, Frederic B. - Illustrator
Beers, Henry A. (Henry Augustin), 1847-1926 - Author
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Bellew, Molly K. - Author
Anonymous - Author
Dulac, Edmund, 1882-1953 - Illustrator
Hatherell, William, 1855-1928 - Illustrator
Robinson, W. Heath (William Heath), 1872-1944 - Illustrator
Simmonds, William G. - Illustrator
Various - Author
Tennyson, Hallam - Editor
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, Baron, 1809-1892 - Author
Wordsworth, William, 1770-1850 - Author
Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson, 1847-1922 - Author
Baldwin, James, 1841-1925 - Author
Calderón de la Barca, Pedro, 1600-1681 - Author
MacCarthy, Denis Florence, 1817-1882 - Translator
Strohm, Rufus T. (Rufus Tracy), 1877- - Author
Cram, Ralph Adams, 1863-1942 - Author
Allen, Grant, 1848-1899 - Author
Allen, Grant, 1848-1899 - Author
Moody, Dwight Lyman, 1837-1899 - Author
Gaebelein, Arno Clemens, 1861-1945 - Author
Gulick, Sidney Lewis, 1860-1945 - Author
Abbott, Jane, 1881- - Author
Richards, Harriet Roosevelt, -1932 - Illustrator
Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924 - Author
Burnett, Frances Hodgson, 1849-1924 - Author
Brown, John, 1810-1882 - Author
Wyeth, N. C. (Newell Convers), 1882-1945 - Illustrator
Creswick, Paul, 1866-1947 - Author
Underwood, Agnes S. - Author
Underwood, Agnes S. - Author
Ebbutt, M. I. (Maud Isabel), 1867- - Author
Leathley, Mary Elizabeth Southwell Dudley, 1818-1899 - Author
Mathews, Cornelius, 1817-1889 - Author
McLenan, John, 1827-1866 - Illustrator
Field, Eugene, 1850-1895 - Author
Burroughs, John, 1837-1921 - Author
Moorman, Frederic William, 1872-1919 - Author
McSpadden, J. Walker (Joseph Walker), 1874-1960 - Author
Burroughs, John, 1837-1921 - Author
Byron, May Clarissa Gillington, -1936 - Author
Muckley, A. Fairfax - Illustrator
Francatelli, Charles Elmé - Author
Smith, Harry L. - Illustrator
Bailey, Arthur Scott, 1877-1949 - Author
Unknown - Author
Fenn, George Manville, 1831-1909 - Author
Harte, Bret, 1836-1902 - Author
Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911 - Author
Doughty, Francis Worcester, 1850-1917 - Author
Richardson, Dorothy Miller, 1873-1957 - Author
Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911 - Author
Molesworth, Mrs., 1839-1921 - Author
Barnes, Robert, 1840-1895 - Illustrator
Chatelain, Clara de, 1807-1876 - Editor
Anonymous - Author
Pyle, Howard, 1853-1911 - Author
Halsey, Rena I. - Author
Bickford, Nana French - Illustrator
Wilson, Theodore P. - Author
Holt, Emily Sarah, 1836-1893 - Author
Field, Ben - Author
Stephens, H. L. (Henry Louis), 1824-1882 - Illustrator
Engels, Friedrich, 1820-1895 - Author
Kelley, Florence, 1859-1932 - Translator
Wyatt, Edith, 1873-1958 - Author
Clark, Sue Ainslie - Author
Shenstone, W. A. - Author
Ruskin, John, 1819-1900 - Author
Prichard, T. J. Llewelyn, -1862 - Author
Haines, Richard - Author
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Author
Pearse, S. Beatrice - Illustrator
Russell, Thomas Herbert, 1862-1947 - Author
Chanute, Octave, 1832-1910 - Author
Jackman, William James, 1850- - Author
Colvin, Fred H. (Fred Herbert), 1867-1965 - Author
Juthe, K. A. (Kristian A.) - Author
Trotsky, Leon, 1879-1940 - Author
Olgin, Moissaye J. - Translator
Hawkins, Nehemiah - Author
Sidgwick, Frank - Author
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