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Boole, George, 1815-1864 - Author
Abercrombie, Lascelles, 1881-1938 - Author
Eliot, Charles William, 1834-1926 - Editor
Holyoake, George Jacob, 1817-1906 - Author
Atkinson, William Walker, 1862-1932 - Author
Morley, John, 1838-1923 - Author
Various - Author
Strachey, J. St. Loe - Editor
Guerber, H. A. (Hélène Adeline), 1859-1929 - Author
Parker, Gilbert, 1862-1932 - Author
Whitney, Orson F., 1855-1931 - Author
Morris, Lewis, Sir, 1833-1907 - Author
Skeats, Wilfred S. - Author
Anonymous - Author
Jastrow, Morris, 1861-1921 - Editor
Dryden, John, 1631-1700 - Author
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882 - Author
Ker, W. P. - Author
Hall, Lesslie - Translator
Lönnrot, Elias, 1802-1884 - Compiler
Crawford, John Martin, 1845-1916 - Translator
Lönnrot, Elias, 1802-1884 - Compiler
Crawford, John Martin, 1845-1916 - Translator
Lönnrot, Elias, 1802-1884 - Compiler
Crawford, John Martin, 1845-1916 - Translator
Camões, Luís de - Author
Mickle, William Julius - Translator
Hodges, E. Richmond - Editor
Unknown - Author
Dunn, Joseph - Translator
Richmond, Hiram Hoyt, 1843- - Author
Le Goffic, Charles, 1863-1932 - Author
Simmonds, Florence - Translator
Dutt, Romesh, 1848-1909 - Translator
Neilson, William Allan, 1869-1946 - Author
Patten, William, 1868-1936 - Editor
Various - Author
Wister, Owen, 1860-1938 - Contributor
Nicholson, Meredith, 1866-1947 - Contributor
Bergengren, Ralph, 1871-1947 - Contributor
Eaton, Walter Prichard, 1878-1957 - Contributor
Schauffler, Robert Haven, 1879-1964 - Contributor
Strunsky, Simeon, 1879-1948 - Contributor
Sharp, Dallas Lore, 1870-1929 - Contributor
Repplier, Agnes, 1858-1950 - Contributor
Sherwood, Margaret Pollock, 1864-1955 - Contributor
Comer, Cornelia A. P. - Contributor
Martin, Edward Sanford, 1856-1939 - Contributor
Humphrey, Zephine - Contributor
Montague, Margaret Preston, 1878-1955 - Contributor
Keeler, Lucy Elliot - Contributor
Gerould, Katharine Fullerton, 1879-1944 - Contributor
Baker, Katharine - Contributor
Wilkinson, William Cleaver, 1833-1920 - Author
Patten, William, 1868-1936 - Editor
Patten, William, 1868-1936 - Editor
Neilson, William Allan, 1869-1946 - Author
Patten, William, 1868-1936 - Editor
Legge, James, 1815-1897 - Translator
Johnson, Rossiter, 1840-1931 - Editor
Beebe, William, 1877-1962 - Author
Chapman, John Jay, 1862-1933 - Author
Addams, Jane, 1860-1935 - Author
Allinson, Anne C. E. (Anne Crosby Emery), 1871-1932 - Author
Mackenzie, Jean Kenyan - Author
Gay, Robert M. - Author
Foster, William T. - Author
Donnelly, Lucy Martin - Author
Hall, Sharlot M. - Author
Taylor, Elizabeth - Author
Goodspeed, Edgar J. - Author
Portor, Laura Spencer - Author
Kimball, Richard Bowland - Author
Baldwin, Lida F. - Author
Crothers, Samuel McChord, 1857-1927 - Author
Gifford, Fannie Stearns - Author
Merwin, Henry C. - Author
Wells, Philip P. - Author
Legge, James, 1815-1897 - Translator
Confucius, 551 BC-479 BC - Author
Various - Author
Patten, William, 1868-1936 - Editor
Stevenson, Augusta - Author
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924 - Editor
Halsey, Francis W. (Francis Whiting), 1851-1919 - Editor
Various - Author
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924 - Editor
Halsey, Francis W. (Francis Whiting), 1851-1919 - Editor
Stevenson, Augusta - Author
Jean Froissart, Thomas Malory, Raphael Holinshed - Author
Collins, W. Lucas (William Lucas), 1817-1887 - Author
Patten, William, 1868-1936 - Editor
Legge, James, 1815-1897 - Author
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 - Author
Reid, O. Leon - Editor
Faraday, L. Winifred, 1872- - Translator
Langdon, Stephen, 1876-1937 - Author
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924 - Editor
Halsey, Francis W. (Francis Whiting), 1851-1919 - Editor
Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1850-1924 - Editor
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