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Smith, Hugh, 1736?-1789 - Author
O'Brien, George - Author
Tacitus, Cornelius, 56-120 - Author
Turnbull, Robert - Author
Klapper, Paul, 1885-1952 - Author
Lightfoot, Joseph Barber, 1828-1889 - Author
Morley, John, 1838-1923 - Author
Sanday, William, 1843-1920 - Author
Grote, George, 1794-1871 - Author
Hartwell, E. C. (Ernest Clark), 1883-1964 - Author
Bennion, Adam S., 1886-1958 - Author
Bagley, William Chandler, 1874-1946 - Author
Pearson, Francis B., 1853- - Author
Jackson, George, 1864-1945 - Author
Smith, David Eugene, 1860-1944 - Author
Clouston, J. Storer (Joseph Storer), 1870-1944 - Author
Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894 - Author
Clark, Kate Upson, 1851-1935 - Author
O'Brien, Harriet - Illustrator
Beer, M. - Author
Potter, Margaret Horton - Author
Schopenhauer, Arthur, 1788-1860 - Author
Saunders, T. Bailey (Thomas Bailey), 1860-1928 - Translator
O'Brien, Edward J. (Edward Joseph Harrington), 1890-1941 - Editor
Cournos, John, 1881-1966 - Editor
Burroughs, John, 1837-1921 - Author
Morley, Henry, 1822-1894 - Editor
Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719 - Author
Dreiser, Theodore, 1871-1945 - Author
Orban, Paul, 1896-1974 - Illustrator
Pederson, Con - Author
Watts, John - Author
Collins, Anthony, pseud. - Author
Bradlaugh, Charles, 1833-1891 - Author
Sands, Nathaniel - Author
Slesar, Henry, 1927-2002 - Author
Ellis, Edward Sylvester, 1840-1916 - Author
Ellis, Havelock, 1859-1939 - Author
Ireland, Alleyne - Author
Collins, Wilkie, 1824-1889 - Author
Orban, Paul - Illustrator
Castle, Arnold - Author
Vaizey, George de Horne, Mrs., 1857-1917 - Author
Menzies, John - Illustrator
Schubin, Ossip, 1854-1934 - Author
Lockwood, E. H. - Translator
Austin, Mary Hunter, 1868-1934 - Author
Huxley, Thomas Henry, 1825-1895 - Commentator
Haeckel, Ernst Heinrich Philipp August, 1834-1919 - Author
Various - Author
O'Brien, Edward J. (Edward Joseph Harrington), 1890-1941 - Editor
Cournos, John, 1881-1966 - Editor
Ballou, Maturin Murray, 1820-1895 - Author
Beattie, James, 1735-1803 - Author
Finck, Henry Theophilus, 1854-1926 - Author
Stearns, Frank Preston, 1846-1917 - Author
Crain, Dorothy - Author
Hill, Aaron, 1685-1750 - Author
Pahl, Gretchen Graf - Commentator
Gilbreth, Lillian Moller, 1878-1972 - Author
Disraeli Earl of Beaconsfield, Benjamin, 1804-1881 - Editor
Disraeli, Isaac, 1766-1848 - Author
Kennedy, W. Sloane - Author
Various - Author
Staunton, Howard, 1810-1874 - Author
Blackwell, Sarah Ellen - Author
Various - Author
Anonymous - Author
Cocker, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1821-1883 - Author
Lambley, Kathleen - Author
Grand, Sarah - Author
Disraeli, Isaac, 1766-1848 - Author
Zeitlin, Jacob - Author
Howe, Reuel L., 1905-1985 - Author
Epictetus, 55-135 - Author
Rolleston, T.W. - Translator
Saintsbury, George, 1845-1933 - Author
Nordby, Conrad Hjalmar, 1867-1900 - Author
Anonymous - Author
Addison, Joseph, 1672-1719 - Commentator
Blackmore, Richard, Sir, 1654?-1729 - Author
Boys, Richard Charles, 1912- - Contributor
Morley, Henry, 1822-1894 - Editor
Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744 - Author
Education, Federal Board for Vocational - Author
Pope, Alexander, 1688-1744 - Author
Abercrombie, Lascelles, 1881-1938 - Author
Drinkwater, John, 1882-1937 - Author
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 - Author
Saintsbury, George, 1845-1933 - Editor
Fielding, Henry, 1707-1754 - Author
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 - Author
Thompson, Francis, 1859-1907 - Author
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968 - Author
Oldmixon, John - Author
Madden, R. J. - Editor
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731 - Author
North Carolina - Author
Harte, Walter, 1709-1774 - Author
Ribot, Th. (Théodule), 1839-1916 - Author
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