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Gilbert, W. S. (William Schwenck), Sir, 1836-1911 - Author
Sullivan, Arthur, Sir, 1842-1900 - Author
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 - Author
Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896 - Author
Bragdon, Claude Fayette, 1866-1946 - Author
Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858-1924 - Author
Millar, H. R. (Harold Robert), 1869-1942 - Illustrator
Fell, H. Granville - Illustrator
Haggard, Henry Rider, 1856-1925 - Author
Keller, Helen, 1880-1968 - Author
Macy, John Albert, 1877-1932 - Author
Sullivan, Annie, 1866-1936 - Author
Hardenbergh, John Leonard - Author
Clark, John S. - Editor
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321 - Author
Shelley, Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822 - Author
Hutchinson, Thomas - Editor
Afton, Effie, 1829-1887 - Author
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1855-1919 - Author
Dell, Ethel M. (Ethel May), 1881-1939 - Author
Hartley, John, 1839-1915 - Author
Woodberry, George Edward, 1855-1930 - Author
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Editor
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Manners, J. Hartley, 1870-1928 - Author
Slesar, Henry, 1927-2002 - Author
Naylor, Charles Wesley, 1874-1950 - Author
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924 - Author
Brown, Ruth Alberta - Author
Fox, John, 1863-1919 - Author
Luce, Nancy, 1814-1890 - Author
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865 - Author
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Ford, H. J. (Henry Justice), 1860-1941 - Illustrator
Duncan, Norman, 1871-1916 - Author
Brooks, Phillips, 1835-1893 - Author
Wilcox, Ella Wheeler, 1855-1919 - Author
Garland, Hamlin, 1860-1940 - Author
McKee, Mabel Anne, 1886- - Author
Fox, Francis Barton - Author
Cullum, Ridgwell, 1867-1943 - Author
Haggard, Henry Rider, 1856-1925 - Author
Lang, Andrew, 1844-1912 - Author
Vaizey, George de Horne, Mrs., 1857-1917 - Author
Tarrant, Peter - Illustrator
Various - Author
O'Brien, Edward J. (Edward Joseph Harrington), 1890-1941 - Editor
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924 - Author
Tupper, Martin Farquhar, 1810-1889 - Author
Schauffler, Robert Haven, 1879-1964 - Author
Daviess, Maria Thompson, 1872-1924 - Author
Gibbon, Perceval, 1879-1926 - Author
Hartley, John, 1839-1915 - Author
Crawford, F. Marion (Francis Marion), 1854-1909 - Author
Hough, Emerson, 1857-1923 - Author
White, William Patterson - Author
Tuson, William - Author
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924 - Author
Henty, G. A. (George Alfred), 1832-1902 - Author
Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893 - Author
Beach, Rex Ellingwood, 1877-1949 - Author
Norris, Kathleen Thompson, 1880-1966 - Author
Freeman, Mary Eleanor Wilkins, 1852-1930 - Author
Rees, Byron J. (Byron Johnson), 1877-1920 - Author
Osborne, Oliver T. (Oliver Thomas), 1862-1940 - Author
Baker, Samuel White, Sir, 1821-1893 - Author
Cooper, James Fenimore, 1789-1851 - Author
Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849 - Author
Henry, O., 1862-1910 - Author
Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924 - Author
Nesbit, E. (Edith), 1858-1924 - Author
Millar, H. R. (Harold Robert), 1869-1942 - Illustrator
Pryse, Gerald Spencer, 1882-1956 - Illustrator
Hope, Anthony, 1863-1933 - Author
Savigny, Annie Gregg - Author
Sheldon, Georgie, Mrs., 1843-1926 - Author
White, William Allen, 1868-1944 - Author
Orczy, Emmuska Orczy, Baroness, 1865-1947 - Author
Hine, Muriel - Author
King, Basil, 1859-1928 - Author
Fleming, May Agnes, 1840-1880 - Author
Stephens, Alice Barber, 1858-1932 - Illustrator
Vorse, Mary Heaton, 1874-1966 - Author
Baily, Waldron, 1871- - Author
Finley, John, 1863-1940 - Author
Fischer, Anton Otto, 1882-1962 - Illustrator
Bingham, Edfrid A. - Author
Henry, O., 1862-1910 - Author
Loewenstein, Joseph E. - Annotator
Yule, J. C. - Author
Jefferies, Richard, 1848-1887 - Author
Martin, George Madden, 1866-1936 - Author
Hinton, Charles Louis, 1869- - Illustrator
Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), 1865-1939 - Author
Hutton, Edward, 1875-1969 - Author
Wells, H. G. (Herbert George), 1866-1946 - Author
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 - Author
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 - Author
Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), 1865-1939 - Author
Lewis, Alfred Henry, 1857-1914 - Author
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