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Boyd, Andrew Kennedy Hutchison, 1825-1899 - Author
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 - Author
Smollett, Tobias George, 1721-1771 - Author
Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947 - Author
Callan, Charles Jerome, 1877-1962 - Author
McHugh, John A. - Author
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 - Author
Scott, Walter, Sir, 1771-1832 - Author
Meynell, Alice Christiana Thompson, 1847-1922 - Author
Smollett, Tobias George, 1721-1771 - Author
Smollett, Tobias George, 1721-1771 - Author
Five colors stone - Author
Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947 - Author
Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947 - Author
Churchill, Winston, 1871-1947 - Author
Rumford, Benjamin, Graf von, 1753-1814 - Author
Dante Alighieri, 1265-1321 - Author
Shelley, Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822 - Author
Hutchinson, Thomas - Editor
Hartley, John, 1839-1915 - Author
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914? - Author
Thoma, Ludwig, 1867-1921 - Author
Recht, Charles - Translator
Perry, Ralph Barton, 1876-1957 - Author
Schopenhauer, Arthur, 1788-1860 - Author
Saunders, T. Bailey (Thomas Bailey), 1860-1928 - Translator
Rickaby, Joseph , S. J., 1845-1932 - Author
Dunsany, Edward John Moreton Drax Plunkett, Baron, 1878-1957 - Author
Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936 - Author
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894 - Author
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894 - Author
Belloc, Hilaire, 1870-1953 - Author
Spencer, Herbert, 1820-1903 - Author
Peabody, Andrew P. (Andrew Preston), 1811-1893 - Author
Dewey, John, 1859-1952 - Author
Abercrombie, John, 1780-1844 - Author
Anonymous - Author
Hazlitt, William Carew, 1834-1913 - Editor
Dodsley, Robert, 1703-1764 - Compiler
Adler, Felix, 1851-1933 - Author
Bain, Alexander, 1818-1903 - Author
Bierce, Ambrose, 1842-1914? - Author
La Rochefoucauld, François duc de, 1613-1680 - Author
Willis Bund, J. W. (John William), 1843-1928 - Translator
Friswell, J. Hain (James Hain), 1825-1878 - Translator
Vaknin, Samuel, 1961- - Author
Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870 - Contributor
Lytton, Edward Bulwer Lytton, Baron, 1803-1873 - Contributor
Thackeray, William Makepeace, 1811-1863 - Contributor
De Quincey, Thomas, 1785-1859 - Contributor
Sterne, Laurence, 1713-1768 - Contributor
Hawthorne, Julian, 1846-1934 - Editor
Maturin, Charles Robert, 1782-1824 - Contributor
Wheatley, Phillis, 1753-1784 - Author
Jameson, Mrs. (Anna), 1794-1860 - Author
Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir), 1829-1914 - Author
Beck, L. Adams (Lily Moresby Adams), -1931 - Author
Hawks, Francis L. (Francis Lister), 1798-1866 - Author
Parkerson, James - Author
Hirst, Francis Wrigley, 1873-1953 - Author
Leonard, Arthur Glyn - Author
Intercollegiate Peace Association - Author
Weston, Stephen Francis, 1855-1935 - Editor
Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879 - Author
Hartley, C. Gasquoine (Catherine Gasquoine), 1867-1928 - Author
New Zealand. Special Committee on Moral Delinquency in Children and Adolescents - Author
Mazengarb, O. C. (Oswald Chettle), 1890-1963 - Contributor
Mann, Mary Tyler Peabody, 1806-1887 - Author
Peabody, Elizabeth Palmer, 1804-1894 - Author
More, Hannah, 1745-1833 - Author
Wilderspin, Samuel, 1792-1866 - Author
Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915 - Author
DuBois, W. E. Burghardt - Author
Courtenay, John, 1738-1816 - Author
Kelley, Robert E. - Editor
Remondino, Peter Charles, 1846-1926 - Author
Trusler, John - Author
Gally, Henry, 1696-1769 - Author
Chorney, Alexander H. - Editor
Janet, Paul, 1823-1899 - Author
Corson, C. R. - Translator
Reynolds, John N. - Author
Various - Author
Andrew, John, 1815-1875 - Illustrator
Arthur, T. S. (Timothy Shay), 1809-1885 - Author
Gobineau, comte de - Author
Anonymous - Author
Anonymous - Author
Beck, James M. (James Montgomery), 1861-1936 - Author
Choate, Joseph H., 1832-1917 - Author of introduction, etc.
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 - Author
Coppens, Charles, 1835-1920 - Author
Henry Hawkes Spink Jr. - Author
Tolstoy, Leo, graf, 1828-1910 - Author
Wiener, Leo - Editor
Various - Author
Montaigne, Michel de, 1533-1592 - Author
Abbott, Jacob, 1803-1879 - Author
Franklin, Benjamin, 1706-1790 - Author
Weaver, George Sumner - Author
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