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Motley, John Lothrop, 1814-1877 - Author
Motley, John Lothrop, 1814-1877 - Author
Swain, Frances Lucy - Author
United States Food Administration - Author
Powdermaker, Florence, 1894-1966 - Author
Blunt, Katharine, 1876- - Author
Merrill, Jason L. - Author
Dewey, Lyster H. (Lyster Hoxie), 1865-1944 - Author
Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 - Author
Street, George Edmund, 1824-1881 - Author
Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 - Author
Burke, Ulick Ralph - Editor
Greene, Herbert W. - Editor
Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 - Author
Burke, Ulick Ralph - Editor
Greene, Herbert W. - Editor
Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 - Author
Wise, Thomas James, 1859-1937 - Editor
Frost, John T. - Author
Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 - Author
Díaz del Castillo, Bernal, 1492-1585 - Author
Lockhart, John Ingram - Translator
Díaz del Castillo, Bernal, 1492-1585 - Author
Lockhart, John Ingram - Translator
Corréard, Alexandre, 1788-1857 - Author
Savigny, Jean Baptiste Henri, 1793-1843 - Author
Coffin, Joshua, 1792-1864 - Author
Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919 - Author
Haensel, Johann Gottfried - Author
Latrobe, Christian Ignatius, 1758-1836 - Editor
Acheson, Arthur, 1864-1930 - Author
Lafayette, Marie Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert Du Motier, marquis de, 1757-1834 - Contributor
Knapp, Samuel L. (Samuel Lorenzo), 1783-1838 - Author
R. G. - Author
Torrey, Jesse - Author
Macdonald, William - Author
Carrier, Lyman, 1877-1963 - Author
Stevens, Frank Lincoln, 1871-1934 - Author
Burkett, Charles William, 1873-1962 - Author
Hill, Daniel Harvey, 1859-1924 - Author
Garnett, Thomas, 1799-1878 - Author
Curtler, W. H. R. (William Henry Ricketts), 1862-1925 - Author
Bevan, William - Author
Wickson, Edward J. (Edward James), 1848-1923 - Author
Widtsoe, John Andreas, 1872-1952 - Author
Saunders, William, 1822-1900 - Author
Commission, United States Tariff - Author
Howard, L. O. - Author
Bishopp, F. C. - Author
King, F. H. (Franklin Hiram), 1848-1911 - Author
Waring, George E. (George Edwin), 1833-1898 - Author
Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872 - Author
Besant, Annie, 1847-1933 - Author
Parloa, Maria, 1843-1909 - Author
Booth, Mary L. (Mary Louise), 1831-1889 - Translator
Gasparin, Agénor, comte de, 1810-1871 - Author
Library of Congress. Copyright Office - Author
United States - Author
Corwin, Edward Samuel, 1878-1963 - Editor
Library of Congress. Copyright Office - Author
United States - Author
Day, Dee - Author
Lambo, Don - Illustrator
Casanova, Giacomo, 1725-1798 - Author
Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947 - Translator
Webster, Wentworth, 1829-1907 - Author
Malthus, T. R. (Thomas Robert), 1766-1834 - Author
Bente, F. (Friedrich), 1858-1930 - Author
Casanova, Giacomo, 1725-1798 - Author
Machen, Arthur, 1863-1947 - Translator
Fiske, John, 1842-1901 - Author
De Mille, James, 1833-1880 - Author
Gade, John Allyne - Author
Wood, Charles W. (William), 1850- - Author
Calvert, A. F. (Albert Frederick), 1872-1946 - Author
Ford, Richard, 1796-1858 - Author
Lane-Poole, Stanley, 1854-1931 - Author
O'Reilly, Elizabeth Boyle, 1874- - Author
Casey, Patrick - Author
Casey, Terence - Illustrator
Caldwell, E. - Illustrator
Buck, Walter J. - Author
Chapman, Abel, 1851-1929 - Author
Crawhall, Joseph - Illustrator
Hartley, C. Gasquoine (Catherine Gasquoine), 1867-1928 - Author
Tidwell, Josiah Blake, 1870-1946 - Author
Anonymous - Author
Mahan, A. T. (Alfred Thayer), 1840-1914 - Author
Borrow, George Henry, 1803-1881 - Author
Wise, Thomas James, 1859-1937 - Editor
Parmele, Mary Platt, 1843-1911 - Author
Florian, M. - Author
Bilbrough, E. Ernest - Author
White, Trumbull, 1868-1941 - Author
Rudy, Charles - Author
Franck, Harry Alverson, 1881-1962 - Author
Collins, W. W. (William Wiehe), 1862-1951 - Author
Gordon, Jan, 1882-1944 - Author
Gordon, Cora, 1879-1950 - Author
Spence, Lewis, 1874-1955 - Author
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