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Book Title Search

Searching With a Tag Cloud

  1. Enter one or two words from the title of the book you want to download and press 'Search'.
  2. The next page will display:
    • Book titles that contain any of those words.
    • A tag cloud with other words that are used in context with your search words.
  3. Click on one of the tags and your search will now find downloadable books that contain your original criteria plus the new word.
  For example:
  • A search for war returns books containg "war" in the title.
  • The tag cloud contains words like Civil, History, Peace, and Worlds.
  • By clicking on "Peace" you'll get a list of books like "War and Peace" and "Ballads of Peace in War"

Advanced Search Tips

Put your search string in quotes to find an exact match.
  For example: "war and peace" will return only titles that contain an exact match.

Add a plus sign (+) before any word that must be in the book title you want to find.
  For example: +war +peace will return only books that contain both War and Peace.
  For example: war +peace will return titles containing Peace but rank titles with both War and Peace first.

Add a minus sign (-) before any word that can not be in the title you want to find.
  For example: -war peace will return all verses with Peace but don't contain War.
  The minus sign helps you find titles by removing unwanted books from your search.

Add a tilde (~) before any word to remove the word as a criteria, but leave titles that contain the word.
  For example: ~war peace will return all books with Peace and give less importance to titles with War.
  A tilde helps you find books by giving less relevance to "noise" words with out removing the book titles.

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